Founded in 1985 by CEMCEM family, it is one of Turkey's significant leading manufacturer company of fine gold jewellery.Since the date of its 'foundation, it has brought a brand new breath and soul to this area by combining its professional experience with evolving technology and thriving business of Cemcem Jewellery is highly appreciated by other companies as well-The most important aim of the organization philosophy is to bring quality together with innovations to the public.


While doing all this, the company acted with great effort and selflessness for keeping the experienced staff in the jewelry and design, expert team in handwork and high-level technological machines.


In terms of the organization philosophy,it is a company that does not make any concessions from the aesthetic , elegance and quality of the products it produces. Our company produces and sells 8,9,10,14,18,21 and 22 karat gold of rings, sets, bracelets, mini sets, earrings, charms, man rings,neclaces to domestic and foreign markets.Cemcem Jewellery exports %45 of its production to U.S.A, European countries and Middle East countries.


During the gold and jewellery fairs held in various regions of our country, our company continues to serve to the public and this business area as a participant or main sponsor of this fairs.In these fairs company sales to domestic and international visitors also causes mobility and revitalization of the economy in the domestic market.Especially in Istanbul fairs that is held twice a year, our company takes part in the forefront for meeting our people. In order to make this service available to the public more efficient,we continue to serve to our country and the public not only in the wholesale and retail showroom in Istanbul Cagaloglu, regional distribution marketing branch in Mersin Pazcu for meeting our products with the people of the Anatolian region but also in our factory in istanbul established in 1400 square meters area , 4 floored, equipped with modern equipments and machines. Besides these, you have the chance to find our CemCem branded and patented products in many gold jewellery dealers all over Turkey .